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Read how we helped an Ed-tech Giant localize video content in European dialects with cultural essence.

Case study: 

20+ Hours of e-Learning Video Content Localization for Global Ed-Tech Institution.


Global Ed-Tech Institution

Subject Area & Language: 

Our client wanted highly relevant and precise educational and entertaining cultural video localization for kids under 6 years old in dialects like Brazilian Portuguese and Mexican Spanish.


Edge-to-edge Video Localization (Transcription, Translation+Transcreation+Dubbing-Voiceover+Subtitles-Captions).

Here’s an overview of our client and what they needed:

A highly esteemed global Ed-tech company, valued at over $20 billion US dollars, with over 115 million registered students worldwide. Our client isn’t just an education tutoring app. It’s a portal to success for millions of young students. Top-notch online video-based learning programs for K-12 students and competitive exams in India and worldwide, such as NEET, CAT, IIT-JEE, and IAS.

At Languages Lyf Ink, we feel it was more of honor & responsibility for us to work with such an incredible client. And handling end-to-end video localization for such a client adds much value to our portfolio.

Our Ed-tech client wanted to start their journey of global success in Mexico, Brazil, and other regions. With our definitive approach and quality support, we got the opportunity to localize entertaining kids’ video content. They wanted their K-12 video material localized into Brazilian Portuguese and Mexican-Spanish so that native students of the target market could consume the content, which not only educates them but also entertains them.


This was a very complex project with a large volume that required a lot of cultural expertise. The whole video localization process is very complex. We were assigned 20+ hours of English videos for cultural localization into Brazilian Portuguese and Mexican-Spanish.

The time-lines decided to localize the videos were limited, so quality assurance was our top concern. The client’s goal with this was to build authority over other Ed-tech companies in the target market (in Brazil and Mexico). We fully comprehend that our client is a global giant with millions of user-base worldwide. There simply couldn’t be any room for errors or miscommunication. We focused on ensuring that the videos were culturally appropriate and accurate. Last but not least, the information was presented the way it would in the final product.

We started with English video transcription. On the other side, we made a workflow for culturally accurate translations (in dialects like Brazilian Portuguese and Mexican Spanish), video script adaptation, time-sync dubbing, mixing & mastering, and at last professional subtitles.

Before starting any localization project, our approach is to create a workflow that works flawlessly:

  • Creating Translation and Transcreation Glossary & guidelines
  • Cultural Adaptations and Updation (Part of QC )
  • Intent Maintenance (Target Audience: Kids under age 6) (Part of QA )
  • Voiceover guidelines (Character Matching: Example Old Grandma and little kids)
  • Subtitling Guidelines (No. of characters per line, max lines, etc.)
  • Output File Formats (.docx,.srt, .mp4, .wav/.mp3 etc)
  • Delivery channels (file-sharing platforms)

As we approached, it was clear that Mexican and Brazilian kids’ cultural aspects – their accents, behavior, and dialects – should grab attention. So we localized the content to get focused on words and phrases they use in their day-to-day life, keeping in mind that it should look engaging and educational.

Once the translations were complete, they went through the workflow of proofreading. We made adjustments, not just culturally but also for time sync, voiceover, and dubbing.

After each step, we had vital quality assurance checkpoints to maintain high quality.

We made sure the project was accurate to the last detail. After the script adaptations, we dubbed the audio and mixed & mastered it with the BGM (decided in the workflow). Finally, we did SRT (Time Stamping).


The project was a resounding success, and the ed-tech company was happy with the final product. We made sure the project was accurate to the last detail and that the localization was done correctly. We can be your localization partner, too. If you’re looking for a team who will take care of everything from start to end. 

Before starting the project, feel free to get in touch for a consultation.

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